Delivery Info 送貨服務




1pm-3pm (截單時間上午11-中午12點)

5pm-7pm (截單時間下午3-4點)

地區包括:CV1- CV7

Coventry Local Delivery Service

Free Same-Day Delivery for
Orders Over £50
Minimum order must over £30
(£5 Delivery Charge)

*2 Deliveries Per Day*

1pm-3pm (Orders before 11am)

5pm-7pm (Orders before 3pm)

Areas Include: CV1- CV7
*Divers will wait no more than 10 minutes on each delivery and re-deliveries costs £5 each time*



1. DPD本站快递配送区域限定

1) 常规地区覆盖英国主岛地区(英格兰,威尔斯,苏格兰等地区),

 a. DPD英国(常规地区)运费,大于10kg的订单,按标准运费加收每公斤 0.35GBP, 訂單總重量 30公斤為上限

      订单金额满50 镑免邮!(偏远地区除外!)



£0-£29.99 (少於10kg)


£30-£39.99 (少於10kg)


£40-£49.99 (少於10kg)


£50+ (少於10kg)




1) 周一至周六下午1点前的订单,一般会在1~3个工作日送达;

2) DPD送货前一小时会有短信通知,您可短信回复修改送货日期、邻居代收、留在附近便利店等!

3) 偏远地区一般至少需要2个工作日才能收到货;


UK DPD Next Day Delivery Services (Exclude Scottish Highlands and Islands and Northern Ireland)

Delivery Charge Explain

1. DPD Next Day Delivery Service Available (1-3 Working Days)

1) Our Service Cover United Kingdom including Scotland and Wales except Scottish Highlands and Islands and Northern Ireland

 a. DPD UK (Local Areas), Order with weight over 10kg will have a 0.35GBP/kg delivery charge added to the order, Maximum total order weight is 30kg


Order Value

Delivery Charge

£0-£29.99 (Below 10kg)


£30-£39.99 (Below 10kg)


£40-£49.99 (Below 10kg)


£50+ (Below 10kg)



When will my order arrive? (Please ignore when your order is being processed by local delivery service)

In general, the delivery time of your shipment can be determined using the following formula:

Estimated delivery time = Product availability + Estimated shipping time of chosen Shipping Method.

The Dispatching Date is the day your order will leave our warehouse. This is not included in the estimated delivery time. When the parcel gets dispatched you will receive an email from us to confirm that your parcel has left the warehouse.

Usually parcel will arrive within 1-3 working days

DPD will notify you by text or email 1 hour prior to delivery

Hard to reach areas may take longer to deliver.

Shipping Policy

Estimated Delivery Time: 
*Starting from the day of dispatching 
Delivery Method: 
  • DPD/Parcelforce 1-3 working days (*offshores 2-3 working days) 
Delivery method is chosen by the customer when you check out, if there are any changes to it, customer must notify us by email (
Shipping Order:
Only when the status of order is changed from unshipped to completed or shipped. 
Please note that, the term "shipped", does not mean the order has been delivered; it means that the order has been prepared for dispatch and the buyer has been notified.
Dispatched order:
The courier will notify you (customer) by email or SMS. 
Address amendment:
the buyer has the responsibility to make sure the shipping address, telephone number and email have been entered correctly when filling out the information. If you do require changing the designated address for the order, you must notify us by email about the change you want to make. It is free of charge if the parcel has not been dispatched. In the occasion of an order that has been dispatched, the buyer has to pay for the cost to get the parcel delivered to the right address. which is £5 for each local driver re-delivery.
Additional Costs:
1. If you need to make changes to the shipping address, it is free of charge if the parcel has not been dispatch. In the occasion of an order that has been dispatched from the warehouse, the buyer has to pay for the cost to get the parcel delivered to the correct address. 
    2. Parcel has been returned to seller due to wrong delivery address. The buyer has the reasonability to pay for the cost associated with it. Below is the attached price list:
    • DPD: £6.50
    3. If the buyer is unable to sign for parcel after 3 attempted deliveries has been made by courier and did not notify courier. This causes parcel to be returned to seller, it is buyer’s  reasonability for the cost associated with re-delivery of parcel:
    • DPD: £6.50
    Please note, if the parcel is free of postage charger and is returned to seller but require for re-delivery due to error of shipping address or missed delivery attempts. The buyer will be required to pay for re-delivery charge. In the occasion of order has been dispatched, but the buyer would like to cancel order; refund will be made to buyer after deduction of delivery charge. 



    預估配送時間 = 包裹準備時間 (1-2 工作日) + 所選擇的配送方式預估時間.

    配送時間從物流公司取走包裹時算起。買家會在物流公司送包裹的當日收到物流公司的通知, 具體細節請使用包裹查詢碼在相關物流公司的網站上查詢



    配送時間 (從發貨時間算起 )

    1. DPD: 1-3 工作日
    * 網站訂單詳情由processing轉成completed或shipped時, 意味著包裹已經發出, 但並不代表配送已完成。請以您收到的物流公司的通知郵件或短信為準.


    1.  在包裹發出後要求更改地址,費用:DPD請使用DPD官方改地址服務,費用自理.
    2. 買家提供的配送地址是錯誤的,因此造成退件而產生的費用將由買家承當,費用[DPD £6.50].
    3. 在物流公司3次嘗試配送後,買家因私人原因仍無法簽收包裹, 卻沒有主動聯繫物流公司重新安排配送,導致包裹被退回的情況。費用[DPD £6.50].

    如選用我們的免費配送優惠並出現以上情況,買家要求重新配送,重新配送將不再享受免運費優惠, 買家需要重新支付配送費用[DPD £6.50]. 如買家要求取消訂單退款,由退件而產生的費用將從原款裡扣除[DPD £6.50].